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Actively engaged in the writing field, Panagiotis Galanis has so far published ten (10) legal books, the most important of which are:

  1. Galanis P., Cultural Heritage and Environment Law (prologue by Prof. Eu. Dacoronia), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  2. Galanis P., European Environmental Law (prologue by Prof. G. Sioutis), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  3. Galanis P., Practical Issues concerning Environmental and Urban Planning Law (prologue by Prof. Th. Antoniou), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  4. Galanis P., Climate Change Law (prologue by Prof. E. Doussis), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  5. Galanis P., The legal framework of Constructions (in Greece) (prologue by Prof. G, Giannakourou), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  6. Galanis P., Means of Application of Urban Planning (prologue by Prof. N. Simantiras), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2023. 
  7. Galanis P., Environmental Impact Assessment and Licensing (prologue by Prof. V. Karageorgou), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2022. 
  8. Galanis P., Public Law of Reforesation (prologue by Prof. G. Sioutis), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2022.
  9. Anastopoulou E.K./Galanis P./Batsoulas D., Practical Issues concerning General Administrative Law (prologue by Prof. K. Iliadou), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2022. 
  10. Anastopoulou E.K./Galanis P./Batsoulas D., Selected case-studies concerning Human Rights (prologue by Prof. Th. Antoniou), ed. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2021. 
  11. Galanis P., Contemporary Approaches to Environmental Law, 1st ed. Thessaloniki, 2020.

`He has participated in the following tributes;

  • Galanis P., The constitutional framework of Spatial and Urban Planning: Environmental protection, fundamental principles of planning and good administration, modern jurisprudential application, PerDik 4/2020, pp. 574-588.
  • Galanis P., Reforestation and the right to property according to the jurisprudence of the ECtHR and national courts, tribute to PerDik (dedication by Professor K. Chrysogono), Environment and Law (PerDik) 2/2020, pp. 202-214.