Services of P. Galanis and Partners Law Office 

Handling a legal case requires time, patience, persistence, professionalism and trust.

Our main concern is to build a solid relationship with the client, because law is primarily a function and that is how we perceive it.
We exclusively provide specialized legal services in the field of Environmental, Urban Planning and Energy Law and in general Administrative Law.

We represent our clients before the Administration, but also in the administrative courts of the Country and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).
We utilize digital remote service technologies, for the benefit of the client.

Administrative Law 

State-citizen relations are at the center of our work. Advice and support is provided on all kinds of administrative issues, with an emphasis on the following:

Environmental-Town Planning Law, Energy Law, etc.

Urban Planning and Construction Law

Legal services are provided regarding spatial planning and urban planning, acts of implementation of urban planning studies, urban expropriation, issues of building, building permits, the protection of off-plan property, fines for urban planning violations of all kinds, appeals against acts of urban planning, etc.

Environmental Law 

Services that concern all elements of the environment (natural and residential), while emphasis is put on environmental licensing, environmental liability, violations and related fines, waters, streams, special protection regimes (Natura 2000, coastal areas, etc.), waste management, financial environmental tools, etc.

Particular attention is also paid to the dimension of the EU environmental law, as a pillar of the development of local society. 

Forest Law 

Specialized services are provided in the field of forest legislation (characterizations, reforestation, Forest Maps, interventions in forests, forest police regulations, hunting, management of forest ecosystems, etc.), at the level of consultancy and legal representation.

Environmental Impact Assessment & Licensing 

Services are provided related to the environmental licensing of projects, activities, plans and programs (approvals of environmental conditions, SMPE, etc.), at an administrative and judicial level.

Illegal Building 

Services are provided regarding judicial and administrative protection against the sanctions of illegal construction activity (autopsy reports) etc. as well as support of the engineer when subject to the laws of illegal building legalization.

Antiquities and National Heritage Law 

Specialized services are provided in the field of the protection of all kinds of monuments, archaeological sites, antiquities, modern monuments and cultural goods in general, at the level of consultancy and legal representation.

Climate Change Law 

Specialized services are provided in the field of consulting on emission trading system (ETS) of CO2 rights in industries, in accordance with the EU legislation, as it has been incorporated in Greece. Opinions are also written on issues of the Just Transition Law (Law 4872/21) and the National Climate Law (Law 4936/22).

Energy Law 

Services related to administrative energy law, energy projects, their urban planning and environmental aspects are provided.

We also provide legal support in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) and against RAE's decisions at the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal.

Environmental damage and appeal to the ECtHR 

Services are provided regarding the protection of Individual Rights related to the environment (personality, privacy, health, life), as they are enshrined in the Constitution and International Conventions, but also in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

In particular, appeals are made to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for a multitude of more specific rights protected by the ECHR, e.g. due to chronic non-contributory expropriations.

- Our most significant cases -

Indicative enumeration of the most significant cases

  • Requests for annulment at the Supreme Court against AEPO category A projects
  • Opinions on environmental licensing
  • Removal and re-imposition of administrative expropriations (administrative and judicial)
  • Cancellation requests against building permits before the Administrative Courts of Appeal
  • Requests for annulment against YDOM acts (subject to arbitrary laws, arbitrary fines, etc.)
  • Administrative appeals against YDOM acts
  • Proceedings before the SYPOTHA/PESYPOTHA
  • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for the inactivity of the property due to chronic urban planning burdens
  • Requests for annulment at the Supreme Court against acts of waste disposal
  • Demarcation, re-demarcation of foreshore/beach/old foreshore and annulment protection in the CoE
  • Preserved buildings and judicial protection
  • Archaeological sites and judicial protection against acts/omissions of Archaeology
  • Memoranda to the Central Councils (KAS and KSNM)
  • Annulment requests against reforestation and forest/forest land designation acts of Law 998/1979
  • Cancellation requests against acts/omissions according to forestry legislation (Forest Maps, etc.)
  • Environmental licensing of photovoltaic and wind farms
  • Lawsuits for compensation for illegal acts/omissions related to forest fires, floods, earthquakes, urban planning violations and chronic land expropriations
  • Report to the European Commission for alleged violations of EU environmental law